Connection of weak erection with testosterone

Men often ask about the treatment of weak erections with testosterone. Indeed, a decrease in testosterone levels and the development of erectile dysfunction can occur at the same time, but this does not mean that one causes the other 시알리스 구입.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. But its effect on the mechanism of erection is not fully understood. A critical drop in testosterone levels and the hormonal imbalance that occurs against this background can also cause loss of erection, but this is not the only symptom of such a condition. Studies show that many men who have an age-related decline in testosterone do not experience erection problems 시알리스 구입.

Therefore, if there are no other signs and symptoms of low testosterone, then testosterone treatment is not applied and other causes of ED are considered 시알리스 구입.

Causes of weak erection

Here are the conditions and diseases that can lead to erectile dysfunction:

Atherosclerosis (blockage of blood vessels)
type 2 diabetes
Heart diseases
Benign prostate enlargement
Hyperlipidemia (high lipid or cholesterol levels)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Chronic kidney disease
Liver disease
Parkinson's disease
Sleep disorders
Low Testosterone
Injury to the penis, prostate, or spinal cord
Multiple sclerosis
Peyronie's disease (formation of scar tissue under the skin of the penis)
prostate cancer
Radiation therapy
Removal of the prostate
Surgery for bladder cancer

Atherosclerosis is the #1 cause of erection problems

Some drugs can also cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

Therefore, carefully read the section “Side effects” in the instructions for the use of drugs. And if there is erectile dysfunction and decreased libido on the list, report your condition to the attending physician who prescribed the medicine. Sometimes you can find an alternative. If the medication cannot be changed or discontinued, then other methods of dealing with erectile dysfunction should be considered.


How Viagra works for men and women

How Viagra Works

Viagra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil. The drug is produced in tablets of three dosages – 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg 시알리스 구입.

Viagra acts in the body through a complex chain of biochemical reactions. As a result, they lead to relaxation of the muscular walls of the vessels of the cavernous bodies in the penis and filling them with blood. This ensures a natural response to sexual arousal 시알리스 구입.

It is important to understand that Viagra does not treat the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), it simply helps to cope with the consequences. Viagra does not increase sexual desire. If there is no attraction to a partner, then the medicine is useless.
viagra for men

treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Here is an example of one of the clinical trials: 12 weeks after the start of taking the drug, an improvement in erection was noted by 76% of patients who received Viagra, and 22% of those who received placebo (that is, “pacifiers”).

The advent of Viagra has changed the lives of millions of men in the world. Patients with erectile dysfunction thanks to her return to a normal sexual life.

Despite the high efficiency, in a number of patients taking the drug does not lead to an improvement in erection. This is due to the wrong medication or the fact that ED is simply a consequence of another disease. In such cases, consultation and examination with a doctor is required.
Viagra: how to take and how much it works 시알리스 구입

How to take Viagra pills correctly:

inside, on an empty stomach - coated tablets
with or without water - mouth-dispersible tablets
recommended dose of 50 mg per dose
60 minutes before sexual activity
multiplicity - no more than 1 time per day
maximum daily dose 100 mg

the recommended dose may be reduced to 25 mg or increased to 100 mg depending on the efficacy, tolerability of the drug and diseases in the patient

Data from the study of the drug showed that increasing the dose to 200 mg did not lead to an increase in the effect, but side effects (headache, “hot flashes”, dizziness, stomach problems, nasal congestion, visual disturbances) became more frequent.



According to scientists, most of the inhabitants of the planet aged 15 to 80 years old
will participate in sexual bacchanalia, the first hours of which have already come 시알리스 구입.

When fakes appear for any product, it means that it is a wild success. “Viagra” – pills for impotence, created by the American company “Pfizer”, appeared on the shelves of American pharmacies in April 1998, and fakes for it are already being sold all over the world. The prices are outrageous: a real pill costs $10, a fake one is much more expensive, but both are in great demand. Because the Viagra taken before sexual intercourse brings the penis of the most hopeless impotent into working condition. The clients are overjoyed. 74-year-old Bob Dole, who recently claimed the presidency of the United States, compensated for the political loss by taking Viagra, and the change of priorities was approved by his wife 시알리스 구입.

But the bright past comes not only for the millions suffering from erectile dysfunction. German urologist Professor Hartmut Porsht reports in the journal Der Spiegel that he and his colleagues – absolutely healthy people – tried Viagra on themselves. The drug significantly improved their sexual intercourse: the erection was fast and lasted longer 시알리스 구입.

  • This is a revolution, – says the largest American sex pharmacologist Raymond Rosen. – Viagra is the first drug of this class that is non-toxic and at the same time gives radical results.

The new pills are already beginning to define lifestyle in the West. Going to a party, an American takes them with him. A reveler, a playboy, an actor acting in porn films, a visitor to a brothel can no longer imagine themselves without this pill.

Surprisingly, the engine of the sexual revolution was invented by accident. Scientists tried to create a remedy for heart disease and hypertension. However, the new substance did not improve the condition of the patients. But some subjects during the experiment amused doctors and scientists with stories about how they unexpectedly performed great feats on the love front night after night. Researchers for decency smiled and stopped the experiment. It wasn’t until the former test subjects tried to steal the miracle cure from the lab that the scientists slapped their foreheads, “Eureka! Yes, this is a gold mine!

Some argue that the history of mankind will be divided into two unequal halves: a gloomy existence before Viagra and a radiant one after its appearance. In any case, millions of men with already drooping and still functional reproductive organs, with bated breath, follow the adventures of the blue pills.


OHowever, there is a danger that a drug designed to cure impotence can be used for other purposes. The leading sexologists and sexopharmacologists of the world spoke a lot about this danger at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Sexological Research, just held in Italy. It lies in the fact that men begin to use Viagra not to eliminate some problems, but for the so-called sexual marathon. In Mexico and other Latin American countries with a developed macho ideology, which attaches great importance to high sexuality, this fire is already flaring up. Viagra is seen as a means to effortlessly become a bed champion, the new Casanova. But one should not think that Europeans and inhabitants of other continents in this matter are so very different from Latin Americans. Male psychology is the same everywhere, only its ideological design differs. A man wants “it” to be as often and as long as possible. “Viagra” gives such an opportunity, and this worries experts.

PWhen a man is young, he does not have enough money, when he grows old – erections. Erectile dysfunction affects about 100 million men in the world: a third of forty-year-olds, two-thirds of seventy-year-olds. The forced decrease in sexual activity has a bad effect on mental well-being and marital family relationships. The most common sexual problem in men is the so-called “performance anxiety”. A man wants to look like an invincible gladiator on the battlefield. He is always concerned: how does his partner evaluate, whether he corresponds to the ideal of a “real man”. Alas, for many, increased anxiety backfires and leads to erectile dysfunction. And then there’s Viagra. You take a pill once, twice, and the fears that made you stop having sex go away. “Viagra” breaks the vicious circle, and then the body turns on and restores sexual function itself. Is not that great?

First, there are medical contraindications. “Viagra” is incompatible with the intake of nitrites, such as nitroglycerin, which are used for certain heart diseases. Of course, death during intercourse (this is how the great Raphael died) is not without attraction, but not for everyone.

Secondly, it is not yet known whether increased sexual activity is harmful even to healthy people. Under normal conditions, the body itself suppresses possible excesses. Sexopharmacology reduces natural limitations and creates the possibility of abuse of one’s own health.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Viagra already gives rise to the illusion that all sexual problems can now be solved chemically. That it’s not about you, not about partnerships, but about erection. This is completely false. If an erection disorder caused certain partner problems, then, in addition to pills, psychotherapy is still needed, an account of the couple’s relationship is needed. The problem also arises in the family. The wife has grown old, there has been no sexual relations for a long time, and suddenly Viagra changes everything miraculously. Will the wife like the substitution of a natural feeling with a reaction to a chemical drug? True, life is richer than scientific assumptions. The United States is currently in the process of divorce. The wife discovered that the package of Viagra, which she gave to her husband, was missing three pills. However, she did not feel any effect from them. So thanks to Viagra, she found out that her husband was cheating on her.

Viagra is not a panacea and not a sexual stimulant. It does not affect the brain and nervous system, on which the strength of sexual desire and the fullness of sexual satisfaction depend, but only certain muscles. But in the body everything is interconnected.

There are also social aspects.


The benefits of pills for erectile dysfunction

In addition to purely psychological reasons, there are also medical reasons. These reasons include both human health problems and diabetes mellitus. What is most interesting is that when the main cause of the disease is not medical, but psychological problems, the male representatives somehow do not pay attention to it 시알리스 구매.

However, if this is a psychological problem, men withdraw into themselves and begin to complex because they cannot satisfy their partner. In most cases, guys need the help of a psychologist who can convince them and somehow raise their self-esteem.

And in order for a man to feel more confident in sexual terms, he is prescribed to take Viagra. These magic pills help both diversify a person’s life and remove erectile dysfunction, regardless of the severity.
How Viagra affects the male psyche 시알리스 구매

If we return to you psychological problems, it should be additionally noted that many of them can be solved with the help of Viagra 시알리스 구매.

Everyone can find these medicines not only in the most ordinary pharmacies, but also in online stores.

It should be noted that some men seem to give themselves a subconscious attitude like “only with Viagra can I satisfy a girl, without it I will not succeed.”

And with such an attitude, the psyche of a man acts stronger than without such thoughts. The thing is that with such an attitude, a man is afraid to have sex without pills, and the sexual act ends for him before it starts. As a result, the psychological fear of girls can turn into a real mania, which is almost impossible to defeat.

To solve such a terrible range of sexual problems, you can resort to the help of magic pills called Viagra.

These very pills act only on one human system, namely the intimate one, and all this is due to sildenafil.

This component, contained in Viagra tablets, helps to fill all the cavernous bodies in the reproductive system with blood, stimulating and accelerating the erection process.

It should be noted that this is far from the only benefit of such pills. In fact, Viagra on a purely psychological level helps a man to be more self-confident.


How Viagra affects the psyche of men

Many males who use Viagra or who are just about to take these drugs are not so much worried about side effects or contraindications as they are worried about the effect of Viagra on the psyche. It should be noted that Viagra does not cause side effects and does not have any hard 시알리스 구매contraindications. If they are, then they are characterized by short duration.

And it is something good that people who turn to Viagra for help are interested in its side effects, contraindications and possible pressure on the psyche. The good thing about this is that people are not only warned, but not ashamed to talk about the use of such drugs 시알리스 구매.

Well, there is also some bad side here, which is that the problems still exist and remain 시알리스 구매.

In addition, numerous questions about Viagra and its side effects indicate that not all males have all the necessary information about these drugs.

But before answering the question of the influence of Viagra on the human psyche, we should remember why men turn to Viagra for help?
Causes of erectile disorders

According to medical professionals, the main factors of erectile dysfunction are:

Bad modern ecology;
daily stress;
various psychological moments.

All these reasons say only one thing – modern life does not allow a person to properly relax, sleep off or just relax. All this affects men’s health and erection problems, and in women it results in depression.

In other words, if suddenly a man has ever had a “misfire”, that is, if suddenly an erection did not show itself at the right time, a man may begin to feel inferior.


sexual stimulation

Some men complain that they took Viagra, but did not wait for the erection promised by the manufacturer. It should be remembered that the drug itself does not cause a surge of desire and is not a causative agent 비아그라 판매.

For those patients who have lost interest in sex, sildenafil will definitely not help. Pills were created for those who would like to have an intimate relationship, but cannot, and not for those who neither want nor can.

The drug works only after active sexual stimulation and in the presence of arousal 비아그라 판매.
Other drugs

If you do everything according to the instructions, but there is still no erection, then Viagra is simply not your drug. In addition to sildenafil, pills such as Levitra and Cialis help against sexual dysfunction. Each medicine has its own disadvantages and advantages. Only by testing their action on yourself, you can understand which pills will work and which ones will not.
What to do if Viagra does not help?

Viagra helps to cope with sexual dysfunction for the vast majority of men. However, the drug will only work when it is taken correctly. It is important to follow a certain sequence of use, maintain a time interval, and also adhere to other rules for use 비아그라 판매.

Does not work if there is no desire

For all its merits, sildenafil is not a magic pill that will make a man look forward to the joy of the upcoming sexual contact.

If there is no excitation, the vessels of the penis, which have expanded under the influence of the drug, will not fill with blood. And without this, an erection will not come.

Viagra is a drug that allows you to achieve an erection in a natural way, i.e. when there is a desire to have sex.

Viagra is not so harmless

Time of action

Sildenafil has a certain period of action. After that, the active substance is excreted from the body and its work stops.

Each man has his own time period, but it is usually said that Viagra acts within 4-6 hours. But during this period, the number of sexual contacts is not limited.

The drug allows not only the penis to become hard, but also reduces the recovery period after ejaculation.

In addition, it is important to remember that it takes time for the remedy to begin to act. As a rule, after 40-50 minutes after swallowing the pill, you can begin to take action. This is enough for sildenafil to enter the circulatory system.

Romantic dinner and alcohol canceled

Some patients do not carefully read the instructions for the drug and drink the pill while eating or drinking. As a result, the rate of absorption of the active substance slows down. The expected effect does not occur, and fatty foods or alcohol are to blame. Do not forget that alcohol can also increase the manifestation of side effects.

Didn’t work the first time, will help the second.

Do not rush things and wait for the effect after the first use of Viagra. Some patients felt the effect of the drug only after several tablets, which were naturally taken at different times.

The standard dose of the drug is 100 mg and can be varied. Sildenafil can be used daily and only after 3-4 uses a man easily achieves an erection.

The only thing to remember is that you can not use Viagra more than once a day.

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What to do if Viagra does not help?

Viagra is an effective drug against sexual dysfunction and there is no doubt about it. Statistics show that more than 20 million 비아그라 판매

men around the world have tried this medicine on themselves and found that it helps to achieve an erection even in the most advanced cases.

However, 100% of the result cannot be guaranteed by any of the existing drugs against ED, incl. and Viagra. What to do if the pill was ineffective?

Consultation with a doctor

Even before making a decision to buy Viagra, a man needs to consult a doctor. The drug is sold without a prescription, but it has a number of contraindications that you should be aware of in advance 비아그라 판매.

In addition, the doctor will be able to choose an individual dosage of the drug that is suitable for a particular patient. Usually Viagra is taken in a volume of 25 to 100 mg 비아그라 판매.

Which of the doses will be the most effective, will help determine the attending physician, taking into account all the features and chronic diseases of a man.
Correct Application

Before swallowing a tablet, carefully read the instructions for it. Viagra is taken on an empty stomach and should not be taken with alcohol, only with water. It is necessary to coincide with the use of the drug by the beginning of sexual intercourse. But keep in mind that sildenafil will not start working right away.

Therefore, take a pill 40-50 minutes before sexual intercourse. In some men, an erection appears only after 3-4 doses of Viagra. Therefore, the first time it may not work, many patients face this.

Despite this, remember that the drug can be taken only once per day.


Women’s Viagra: side effects are invisible!

Problems in sexual life are often forced to purchase special drugs that increase libido. Women’s “Viagra”, the side effects of which are rare, can help you feel the joy of sexual life, eliminate the pain that often appears during intimacy 비아그라 판매.

Currently, in pharmacies you can find such a drug as “Spanish Fly”, the side effect of which has long been the subject of lively debate. Women are interested in how to take this powerful aphrodisiac, whether its overdose is harmful 비아그라 판매.

“Spanish Fly” or “Spanish Gold Fly” is a drug that is produced by one of the foreign pharmaceutical companies. It is not a drug, but is recognized as a dietary supplement. But this does not mean that it can be taken by absolutely everyone.

The drug has a fairly pronounced effect and has certain contraindications for use 비아그라 판매.

Viagra is not so harmless

“Spanish fly” the original is also sold on the manufacturer’s website. Experts believe that it is more preferable to order a supplement via the Internet.

After all, the manufacturer regularly offers women to purchase goods on very favorable terms, providing a discount of up to 50%. In this case, you can be completely confident in the quality of the additive, in its original origin.

Some of the fair sex order such products exclusively through the postal network, as they feel a certain embarrassment when buying Viagra in a pharmacy.

Viagra is not so harmless

“Spanish fly” is necessary for those who do not feel attraction towards the opposite sex, complain about problems in the intimate area, insufficient moisture in the vagina, pain during intercourse.

“Spanish Fly” – a pathogen that can return the desire for intimacy.

Within 5-10 minutes after taking the drug, a woman begins to feel increased blood flow in the genital area, intense vaginal secretion and acute sexual desire.

“Spanish Fly” Gold Fly is sold both in individual bags and in whole packages. This is very convenient, as it allows the fair sex to first take the drug for a test, and only then decide for themselves whether to buy the product in the future.

The composition of “Spanish Gold Fly” includes sildenafil citrate, which is the main active ingredient, as well as other components. These include extracts of valuable plants. The manufacturer keeps the exact composition of the product secret, as it is patented, but certain information can still be found on the packaging.

The cost of the product cannot be called low, but the high price is fully justified by the exceptional effectiveness, the presence of very expensive components in the list of ingredients.

“Spanish fly” can be used even if the woman does not have any sexual disorders. Some of the fair sex admit that they need Viagra to get a thrill. In order for the drug to have the proper effect, it is important to use it correctly.

Each sachet contains 5 milliliters of liquid product. This amount is quite enough to enhance the excitement, get the joy of intimacy. Even if it seems to a woman that the effect is not as pronounced as we would like, there is no need to take an additional portion of the drug.

This may lead to an overdose.

“Spanish fly” should be consumed 10-15 minutes before the intended sexual contact. After 5-10 minutes, the peak of excitation will be reached. The agent is recommended to be dissolved in a glass of clean water, but not mixed with tea, coffee and, especially, with alcohol.

Many doctors warn the fair sex about the possibility of side effects after taking the remedy. This can frighten women, make them refuse to buy an aphrodisiac. But manufacturers claim that if the instructions are followed, the side effects will be almost invisible.

It is very important to remember about contraindications to the use of the drug. These include pregnancy, breastfeeding, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, old and very young age. “Spanish Fly” can be taken strictly from the age of 18.

If a woman has any questions regarding the appropriateness of using the remedy, she should discuss this with her doctor.

Of course, not all women are able to be so frank with the doctor, but sometimes it helps to avoid some problems.

Side effects from the use of "Spanish Fly" include:
- increased blood pressure;
- the appearance of dizziness, nausea, vomiting;
- manifestation of photophobia;
- disorder of the gastrointestinal tract;
- heaviness in the chest;
- the appearance of a rash on the skin.

Fortunately, all these phenomena are observed very rarely and only due to individual intolerance, or improper use of the remedy. During the day, you can take no more than 1 dose of the drug.


Reviews of Viagra tablets

Reviews of pills called Viagra
Reviews of men

Viagra is a drug designed specifically for men with an existing condition of penile erectile dysfunction 비아그라 판매.

Viagra is able to stabilize male potency disorders, maintain a sufficient erection for a long period of time, and also increase the number of sexual contacts with a partner 비아그라 판매.

Reviews of Viagra tablets (the main component of which is sildenafil), those who have already tried this drug on themselves, only once again prove the effectiveness of this remedy and its positive effect on male potency.

Viagra is not so harmless

Viagra stabilizes violations of male potency 비아그라 판매

Instructions for the use of Viagra states that it is recommended for men to use this remedy for erectile dysfunction, weakened and rapid erection, or its absence, as well as for reduced sexual desire.

The use of Viagra is shown:

Men with excellent health who want to transform their intimate life;
The older generation of men to improve potency;
Men in the absence of sufficient orgasm;
For medicinal purposes with impotence and at an early stage of prostatitis.

The composition of 1 tablet of Viagra contains sildenafil dosed 25, 50, 100 mg. Viagra is available in coated tablets of 25, 50, 100 mg in a blister pack of various quantities.
Reviews of pills called Viagra

Reviews of Viagra tablets, created for the male half of humanity, differ from each other, due to a certain individuality of a particular male body. That is, the described drug can affect each organism in different ways.

Someone wonders why Viagra does not help, but for someone, thanks to this drug, intimate life becomes brighter and fuller.

A huge number of people are looking for confirmation of the effectiveness of the drug, referring to the forums with reviews of men who have already experienced the effects of Viagra. Viagra pills reviews, which will be given below, in reality have already helped many people.

Based on the words of patients who, due to age-related changes, psycho-emotional overload, health problems or simple fatigue, have encountered erectile dysfunction, we can conclude that the medicine is recognized all over the world, and not in vain.


To understand how Viagra pills work

You need to know that thanks to Sildenafil, the sensitivity of nerve endings increases, blood circulation accelerates, which leads to a stable and long-lasting erection 비아그라 구입.

The resulting effect can last for 3-4 hours.

In addition to the main substance, the composition suggests the presence of additional components – calcium hydrogen phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and crosscarmellose sodium 비아그라 구입.

The properties of Viagra also consist in the expansion of the arteries, as well as the narrowing of the veins. Thus, the flow of blood to the genitals increases, and the outflow of blood, on the contrary, slows down, which contributes to a long erection. At the same time, an erection will not deliver any inconvenience and discomfort to a man 비아그라 구입.
Indications for use

To get the effect of using the remedy, you need to know what Viagra for men is intended for.

For this, the following indications for use were identified in the instructions and specialists – any disorders associated with erection and potency.

But provided that the prerequisites for this were circulatory system disorders, nervous disorders, that is, the most common causes of the inability to achieve an erection and maintain it today.

It is important to know that if a man does not feel attracted to a partner, feelings, she does not attract him visually, then no drugs will help in achieving an erection. In any case, after taking a Viagra pill, you will need sexual stimulation, which speeds up the effect, and also enhances it at times.