The only valuable casino guide.

There are lots of guides to various casino sites online. What sets this site apart from all these others? The difference is that here the sites have not paid for advertising space or the like and no cooperation between me or any casino site affects what is written here. However, I can mention that I will primarily write about sites that I actually like to play on myself. Which means that the casinos I write about are ones that I play at myself and that I can recommend others to play at with a clear conscience 온라인카지노.

This will not only be a guide to casino sites but also casino games we will go through here. There are, as you know, several hundred different slots to get lost in and my goal is to sort out some of the ambiguities that may occur 온라인카지노.

In short, here it will be talk about casino, more casino and finally a little to casino as the icing on the cake. I, and many with me, love to play casino games. Talking about, reading about and discussing casino games is really fun for those who are interested. Just like dog people talk about dogs falling in the block or that sports cyclists talk about cycling and so on. Casino players talk about casino. Thats how it is. That’s why I decided to create this page. Unfortunately, almost all sites that talk about casinos today are affiliate sites of some kind that make money from recommending casinos and the like. Which of course means that you can not with 100% certainty know that what they write is true and not something they write to attract customers to the sites. My goal is, as already mentioned, to be as correct and truthful as possible and not to recommend sites that I do not trust and that I do not play on myself 온라인카지노.

In that way, it feels like this will be the only valuable casino guide on the internet. The One Casino Guide!


Poker Strategy

Saying about poker, so-called Poker Golden Rules should be mentioned. They are applied to every type of this game 온라인카지노:

1. You should have enough money for this very table: usually these are 40-50 % of the table`s limit.

2. Having no winning combination, do not play further.

3. Try to increase the pot if you have good cards in hand.

4. Your objective is to become a winner, not to get the best combination.

5. Never try to beat the better player. Your winnings will insignificant, the risk to lose more will grow.

6. There is a big chance that you won`t be able to make your initial combination better.

We can conclude the following:

The more players at the table are the more chances that one of them gets a pair or more. In other words, the more players are the better combination you must have to win. If you don`t have a pair, or 4 cards for straight or flush, do not play further. It should be noted, you will have to finish game in the majority of cases. Do not be in despair and good luck.

Obviously, the better your initial cards are, the more chances you have to get a winning combination. Remember, you have to improve 3 cards for straight or flush. You chances: 1 from 150 and 1 from 23. The pot will hardly ever correspond the risk.


Table games

Table games are the hub of all casinos. Without roulette, blackjack, punto banco and other classics, there is no real casino. Many people’s first encounter with the casino world is precisely with one of these three timeless classics. The reason why they have survived over so many decades may well have to do with the fact that they are as simple as they are. It literally takes seconds to learn the games 라이브카지노.

Table games have also become popular online. Not least, the games have become popular in the new format called live casino. Online, it’s actually even easier to play the table games because the bet levels are so much more flexible. You can not bet just one kroner if you are going to play roulette live, but this works really well if you play roulette online 라이브카지노.

board games_onlinecasinoamericas

Roulette is perhaps the most famous table game. In roulette, it’s about betting money in the right place and being lucky that the ball in the wheel stays on your winning number. It is very easy to understand. There are a number of different surfaces to place your chips on, but the principle is the same no matter what you choose to do. Roulette is a social game. It is very rare to stand alone at a roulette table 라이브카지노.

Blackjack is also known as 21. It’s about playing against the house and hopefully winning. You should combine cards and get as close to the sum of 21 as possible. Ideally, you should get 21. That is basically what the game is about. Blackjack can be played alone against the house or together with others against the house. Therefore, blackjack can be a social game.
Punto Banco

Punto Banco is also often called Baccarat. The game is especially popular in southern Europe. Punto Banco is not a game that you can practice and get better at. It’s strictly a game of chance. Either you bet on your own hand, or you bet on the bank’s hand. That’s pretty much what the game is about.



Slots are probably the main reason why online casinos exploded the way they did a few years ago. The new technology and graphics made the slot games very entertaining. This in turn made many people play them and the jackpots started to grow very fast. All of a sudden, there were most slots where you could play and become a multimillionaire 라이브카지노.

Slots are today spit out by game developers on the assembly line. A lot of money is invested in the companies that produce slots because it has grown into a very lucrative industry in itself. The resources have gone a long way and today’s slots are better than they have ever been 라이브카지노.
Slots with themes

Today there are many slots with different themes. Jurassic Park, Hitman and Aliens are all big movie franchises that have been made slots on. All of these slots have been very successful. They are of course based on the films of the same name and there are many more examples than the ones named. It is not only movies that become slots but also TV series and other things that become slots.
Extreme jackpots 라이브카지노

There are slots that have so-called progressive jackpots. These jackpots have a unique structure which means that there is no fixed amount that can be won. Instead of a fixed amount, the jackpot is variable. It moves as people play the game that carries the jackpot. A small percentage of everything that is turned over in the game is saved for the jackpot, which gets bigger all the time. For that reason, the jackpot can grow properly. It does not stop growing until someone wins the jackpot. After that, it starts growing again. If no one wins the slot for a very long time, the jackpot can become extremely large. Several players have won so much money with the help of this type of jackpots that they have been able to retire themselves and the entire fat family.


Live casino

Live casino is a fairly new concept and it is a confusing concept. Live casino when you play online means that you play online against someone who is in a live environment. Live casino is available for roulette, baccarat and blackjack. So you play with the help of graphics that the dealer in turn has the technology to interpret. I actually do not know what it looks like on the dealer’s page but it’s probably just a screen to read from 라이브카지노.

Live casino has become very popular because you can interact with dealers just as if you were actually standing next to them for real. The dealer will always welcome you and answer you if you ask. You will also be congratulated if you win. It’s a different gaming experience. Of course, it is a little slower to play in the live casino compared to the online variant. These are people you are dealing with and it is very possible that the dealer makes a mistake just like for real 라이브카지노.

Talk to the dealer

The best thing about live casino is that you can have a conversation with the dealer if you play blackjack, or with the croupier if you play roulette. It’s the same as sitting at Aria casino and playing. It is a bit so and so with English to be added as most people who work as live casino dealers do not have English as a mother tongue. But they still work well with communication, you have to admit everything 라이브카지노.
Talk to others

There is usually a chat box where you can see what you write to the dealer. In the same box you will also see what others are writing to the dealer. You can sometimes even write to other players. This is a fun element of the live casino. Sometimes it can be a little strange conversations and then it is just to turn off the chat or individual players who bother you.


How to make money on sports betting?

Earnings on sports betting – is it real? Can a beginner make money on bets, even if he is not a sports guru? Let’s try to understand this and describe the scheme of earning money on bets for beginners.
Earnings on bets – how much can a beginner really earn

There are a number of schemes for earning on bets and the risk in them varies according to the desired amount of earnings. The more money you want, the higher the risk, the more investment, the more difficult it is to make a profit. We recommend that you first try your hand at a small bank, setting a goal – to achieve a plus in the long run, for example – at the end of a month or a quarter. If possible, you can increase the amount of bets and additions 토토사이트.

Sports betting – earnings for smart people. Therefore, you should not trust scammers who offer guaranteed earnings on bets, “iron bets”, the sale of fixed matches and bets from cappers who regularly win with odds of 10.0 or higher. As soon as you see something like this or photos with cool cars, yachts, hundreds of dollar bills earned on bets, you know that scammers are at work. It is possible to make money on risk-free bets, but not on such a scale that you can buy yachts and cars for yourself 토토사이트 .
Features of online betting

Internet betting has opened up the possibility for players to compare quotes and lines of many bookmakers, which have become available to bettors around the world. Bookmakers try to follow the same approach in drawing up the line when placing odds, but still, from time to time they have deviations from the general line, which are used by “arbists” – bettors who play on arbitrage bets 토토사이트 .

Earnings on the Internet on bets without risk is possible only on arbitrage bets. At the same time, the scheme of earning on arbitrage bets is unlikely to appeal to those who are looking for easy money in bookmakers, because the risk is still present here. For the most part, bookmakers do not like arbitrageurs and apply harsh sanctions to players who are involved in arbitrage bets, and besides, they like to cancel bets even without logical reasons for that.


Where to bet on sports online?

The online sports betting market has one peculiarity – it is rather difficult to regulate by the state, since bookmakers here exist in the format of web resources that can physically be located outside the country where the main part of the bookmaker’s clientele is located. Initially, in order to have the formal right to accept bets online on 토토사이트 the Internet, the bookmaker needed only a license obtained in one of the offshore zones – in Malta, Curacao, the Isle of Man, Costa Rica or Gibraltar. That is why bookmakers operating in the global online betting market under such licenses are called offshore.

In order to take control of the interaction of online bookmakers with their citizens, states have taken turns creating a regulatory framework for the legal operation of their own online betting market, while at the same time setting strict limits for those offshore bookmakers. In 2016, such conditions were created in the Russian online betting market, after which it was divided into legal and offshore 토토사이트 .

As soon as the state created a scheme for legal work on accepting interactive bets on the territory of the Russian Federation, offshore bookmakers, as well as resources advertising them, began to be mercilessly blocked by Roskomnadzor, which significantly accelerated the process of transition of Russia’s leading betting brands to the legal field of activity. Residents of the Russian Federation still have the technical ability to play in offshore betting shops, but for this they have to bypass the blocking of Roskomnadzor and contact, at their own peril and risk, online bookmakers, whose activities in the Russian Federation have been illegal for some time now 토토사이트 .

Advantages and disadvantages of offshore bookmakers

When deciding where to place online sports betting, you need to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of offshore and legal bookmakers. Offshore bookmakers, unlike legal ones, offer on their websites not only sports betting, but also almost the entire range of services in the field of gambling – their offshore licenses are universal and have many applications that also allow you to play poker, bingo, mini-games, casinos , lotteries and other types of gambling entertainment. On the one hand, this is an advantage (a variety of services), but on the other hand, it is a disadvantage, since the sites of such bookmakers are slow and navigation through them is complicated.


Sports betting from scratch – tips for beginners

How to bet on sports correctly: choosing a bookmaker, registration and identification

If you choose any one bookmaker, stop at This is our choice 토토사이트. is a legal bookmaker with thousands of betting events every day. At the same time, the rates are very diverse – 500 or more options per 토토사이트 match. The odds are favorable. Payment methods throughout the Russian market are approximately the same, but the quality of applications is different – and here Olymp is also at its best.

There are two bonuses for new customers at once. Firstly, you will receive a free bet of 500 rubles after registration , even before depositing money. Secondly, each new client receives a bonus of up to 10,000 rubles for the first account replenishment . Click on any link, you will receive two bonuses at once – no matter how you register 토토사이트!
How to register with a bookmaker

To register with a bookmaker, go to the bookmaker’s website and fill in the phone number and email address in the “Registration” form. Confirm the number with a code from SMS. Everyone, you are registered! You have a game account. But in order to place bets, you need to go through personal identification 토토사이트.

How to pass identification in a bookmaker

Identity verification or identification is a requirement of Russian law. It is needed to convince the bookmaker that you are 18 years old: only adults can bet. In addition, offices allow only one account per person.

You will be prompted to identify yourself immediately after registration. You can do this without leaving your home! Just upload passport photos: the first page and with a residence permit. Russian legal companies are responsible for the safety of your personal data, so there is nothing to worry about. Within half an hour or at a time convenient for you, an employee of the betting company will call via video link and conduct online identification. During the conversation, you will also need to present your passport.
How to bet on sports online

You can place bets on the Internet on the official website of the betting company or in a mobile application. For example, BC Olimp has a mobile application for Android and iOS . Everything is presented in the application: betting before and during the match, results, event search, video broadcasts, betting history and chat with the support service.

Right in the application you can register and pass identification. After that, you will receive a freebet for 500 rubles, just like after registering through the site, and immediately after the first deposit, you will receive a bonus up to 10,000 rubles to a new client .
Top tips for beginners in sports betting

All formalities completed, congratulations! And the account is topped up. The most interesting thing left is to make the first bet. Here are some tips to help every beginner avoid the most common mistakes when starting a betting game.

  1. Decide on a betting bank. Choose the amount you are willing to risk and stay within that limit. The bank can be determined for a month. The amount should be such that its loss does not create problems for you. It is absolutely impossible to bet the last money or bank savings!
  2. Don’t bet on everything. Try to analyze each event selected for a bet. Loading up for luck over and over again is a good way to quickly lose your entire bank. Be smart about your bets.
  3. Listen to sports predictions from experts, but make your own choices. Top experts usually understand what they give forecasts. But blindly copying their predictions is not necessary. Everyone is wrong. Compare different opinions about the same match – and choose for yourself.
  4. Don’t try to win back. If the bet did not play, you do not need to win back immediately. Pause. Then continue to play with the same amounts as you played before. Attempts to immediately win back will inevitably lead to the loss of the bank, because they are associated with increased rates and emotions.

impotence treatment

Erectile dysfunction is understood as a disorder of sexual life due to insufficient erection (erection dysfunction). Erectile dysfunction is recognized as equivalent to the term “impotence” 시알리스 구입.

Most men believe that impotence is an incurable disease, and resign themselves to their illness. And in vain. Currently, the achievements of medical science allow the use of new, highly effective, proven methods of treating impotence (erectile dysfunction).

For a long time it was believed that the main causes of impotence are psychogenic disorders or lack of testosterone. But studies of recent decades have shown that the most common cause of impotence are organic changes in the mechanism of erection 시알리스 구입.

Violation of ejaculation and decreased libido are not impotence.
How common is erectile dysfunction in men?

Percentage of men with some form of mild erectile dysfunction (by age):

up to 20 years - 5%;
20-30 years - from 10 to 30%;
30-40 years - from 30 to 40%;
40-50 years - from 40 to 50%;
50-60 years - from 50 to 60%;
60 years and older - from 60 to 80%.

The word “impotence” scares every man, but it is not always incurable. Let us consider in more detail the causes, methods of treatment and common myths about this problem 시알리스 구입.
Impotence – is it forever?

Even in the most difficult cases, modern medical methods help patients regain male power and regain a normal sex life. Age does not matter: even at 60 or later, you can live a full life if you use an individually selected set of drugs and follow the doctor’s prescriptions.

It is far from always necessary to buy expensive drugs to enhance potency: in most cases, it is necessary to eliminate the original cause of the problem. Only a doctor can choose the right method of treatment, self-treatment can lead to negative consequences.
Impotence: what does it mean?

Impotence refers to all types of sexual impotence. A man becomes unable to perform a full-fledged sexual intercourse, as a result of satisfaction both partners cannot receive. However, we are not talking about single “misfires” of a man in bed – they happen to everyone and most often do not speak of pathology at all. It is necessary to seek medical help if failures occur in more than 25% of cases. This condition is not always associated with age: in the modern world, problems with erection are much “younger”. This happened due to a whole range of factors. In any case, only a specialist can choose an effective type of assistance.
Types of dysfunctions

complete lack of erection;
intermittent erection (soft penis during sex);

Medications that can lead to weak erections

Antihypertensive drugs (drugs used to treat blood pressure)
Antiandrogens (drugs used to treat prostate cancer)
Antidepressants (medicines for depression)
Sedatives (drugs that cause drowsiness)
Ulcer medications
Antihistamines (cold and allergy medicines)
Appetite suppressants

The following types of addiction can also lead to erectile dysfunction:

Excessive alcohol consumption
Recreational drug use

Count how many of these factors are negatively affecting your blood flow and erection right now 시알리스 구입.

Psychological problems and emotional upheavals can also cause weak erections. A person may not feel sexually aroused due to problems such as: 1) Fear of sexual failure 2) Anxiety 3) Depression 4) Relationship problems such as misunderstandings, lack of communication or conflicts 5) Low self-esteem 6) Stress (occupational stress, financial stress, stress associated with sexual activity) Psychologists and psychotherapists successfully work with these issues 시알리스 구입.

Menshchikov Konstantin Anatolievich. Urologist, andrologist, genital surgeon
How to treat a weak erection 시알리스 구입

Erectile dysfunction is treated by a urologist or andrologist. At the consultation, the doctor asks questions that are aimed at clarifying the nature and causes of erection problems. He will examine the penis and testicles to rule out or confirm visible injuries and check the nerves of the penis for sensation.

Treatment directly depends on the causes. Each treatment comes with certain risks and benefits, which the doctor will explain.

To make a correct diagnosis, expert diagnostics (equipment, methods, examination algorithms) is required. With us you can undergo a complete examination and clearly understand the cause of a weak erection. Read more about our unique diagnostics for ED.
Various treatment options include:

Medicines (tablets). Medications that cause strong erections successfully treat erectile dysfunction in most men. These drugs cause blood flow to the penis. Examples of drugs for weak erections:


If a man is diagnosed with heart disease or suffers from frequent drops in blood pressure, then most likely such drugs are contraindicated for him. Therefore, if you suffer from these health problems, please consult your doctor before taking these drugs.

Other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction include

Alprostadil injection (shots)
Alprostadil urethral suppository (injected into the urethra)
Testosterone replacement therapy (if indicated)

Vacuum pumps. These are vacuum erection devices with hollow tubes that fit over the penis to suck in the air inside the tube. This mechanical action increases the blood flow in the penis and causes a strong erection during sex.

Exercise: Moderate or vigorous cardio can help improve erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor to find out which exercises are best for a particular person.
Psychological consultation with weak erection

If psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression are the cause of weak erections, see a psychotherapist, counselor, or sexual therapist with your partner. There are effective techniques that help get rid of psychological problems.

Menshchikov Konstantin Anatolievich. Urologist, andrologist, genital surgeon