Sexual dysfunction in women is very complex

In women, sexual dysfunction can be due to problems with the ability to enjoy sex, low libido , problems with arousal or at the point of reaching orgasm. Also due to the presence of pain during sex (dyspareunia).

Low sexual desire can be due to a hormonal, physical or psychological origin. First, organic causes such as drug use or menopause must be ruled out .

There are many factors that influence and 비아그라 판매 ® does not really improve all of them. It is different to talk about libido and arousal.

A woman, when taking Viagra ®, may benefit if her problem lies in sexual arousal , but she will not find help with low libido or other psychologically related disorders.

Are there risks when a woman takes Viagra?

비아그라 판매 ® has side effects that, in women, are associated with low blood pressure, headache, facial flushing, nasal congestion, nausea, and visual disturbances .

The greatest risk of taking 비아그라 판매 ® is that it can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. Therefore, it should not be mixed with antihypertensive medications or recreational drugs.

However, it is considered safe for use in men. In women, its long-term effect has not been demonstrated.

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