I want to start using erection pills

What is an erection pill?

시알리스 Erection pills ensure that your penis remains erect for longer and is somewhat firmer.
Without sex drive, you will not get an erect penis, not even with an erection pill.

There are several pills, such assildenafil†vardenafilandtadalafil†

They allow more blood to flow to the penis. And that the blood flows away less easily. As a result, they help with a sex drive to make your penis stiffer. Your penis also stays erect for longer.
Choosing an erection pill

Discuss with your doctor which erection pill you want. There are a few differences between the pills:

Sildenafilandvardenafilwork for 4 to 5 hours.
tadalafilworks much longer (up to 36 hours). Do you not want to plan the moment of sex and taking the pill exactly? Then you can take tadalafil.
Sildenafil and vardenafil are best taken on an empty stomach. For example 2 hours after eating.
The side effects can last a little longer with tadalafil than with other erection pills.

Side effects of erection pills

시알리스 Erection pills can have side effects such as:

a red face
be sick
stuffy nose
being dizzy
palpitations (sometimes)

The side effects may lessen or disappear after taking the pills a few times.
Risks of erection pills

Discuss with your doctor whether you can use an erection pill in these situations:

If you are already taking other medicines.
The combination of certain drugs with an erection pill can be dangerous.
You should also not use erection pills together with party drugs (poppers).
If you have heart problems.
You should not use erection pills:
    if you take a heart medicine (nitrate) that works for a long time every day, such as nitroglycerin
    if you feel pressure on your chest when you exert yourself a little
    if you had a heart attack less than 6 months ago
    if you had a stroke less than 6 months ago
    if you have very low blood pressure

Do you have a heart cramp? Then these tips are important:

Can you climb 2 flights of 10 steps without chest pressure? Then it is usually safe to use an erection pill. Do you still get chest pain during sex after an erection pill? Then you may not use nitrate. You should not take erection pills and nitrates together.
Have you been taking a heart medicine (nitrate) because you felt pressure in the chest? Then you should not use an erection pill for at least 24 hours.

Advice to use the 시알리스 erection pill

Take an erection pill 30 minutes before you want to have sex.
The pill works about 30 minutes after taking it.
Erection pills only work when you feel like having sex.
Beesildenafilorvardenafil: Wait at least 2 hours or more after eating before taking a pill.
If you have eaten fat, the medicine gets into your blood more slowly. It will therefore only work later.
Do not use an erection pill more than once a day.
Sometimes erection pills only work well after you have used the pills a number of times. You will then notice, for example, after 4 times that the pill is working properly.

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