How to take each one?

In addition to the doses mentioned, interactions with food and substances such as alcohol are important factors for some patients.

Cialis also has an advantage over Sildenafil in this regard : Tadalafil is generally not affected by food consumption, the drug can be taken with or without food and will act in the same way; in the case of Viagra, its effectiveness is greater when taken on an empty stomach 시알리스 구매.

Cialis also does not interact with the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods that reduce/delay the absorption of the drug. Sildenafil , yes 시알리스 구매.

It should be noted that both excess saturated fat and toxic substances such as alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs are a very high risk factor for erectile dysfunction . Although the medication turns out to be an acceptable and effective option for certain people, the treatment is of little use if, on the other hand, the patient does not contribute by changing the lifestyle habits that probably contributed to his erection problems 시알리스 구매.

Another key point worth mentioning is that Cialis has other medical uses: benign prostatic hyperplasia (inflammation of the prostate) and increased pressure in the lungs.
Tadalafil (Cialis) vs. Sildenafil (Viagra) Which has fewer side effects?

Let’s start by remembering that both medications are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and therefore share many side effects .

To analyze it more easily, see the following table.

The mentioned effects are more or less general and are the ones that are noticed both in most medical pages and in the labeling. However, we know that these indications do not necessarily occur in all patients and that, sometimes, they are more a health regulation than a constant in use. But this should not be taken lightly or as an invitation to ingest them carelessly. Under no circumstances should such a delicate drug as vasodilators be taken on its own, without consulting a doctor. It is necessary for each person to know their health status perfectly, this can only be confirmed by a specialist, after rigorous examinations.

For example, according to the Diabetes Foundation , Sildenafil , Tadalafil and other state-of-the-art vasodilators can be an alternative for erectile dysfunction in diabetic patients . However, we know that about half of men with diabetes-associated erectile dysfunction do not respond well to these drugs. In this case, the male sexual health expert can offer other more suitable or tolerable alternatives.

To control the possible complications of diabetes, medications for high blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma, depression, or diuretics should be taken. Many of these drugs also cause erectile dysfunction . It is important that both the urologist and the patient are aware of which of these have been prescribed so that their effect does not interfere with the chosen treatment.

Hypertensive people should also learn about the action of vasodilator drugs before taking them. Pressure levels rise due to hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis); the heart must pump blood with greater effort, that is, with greater pressure, which manifests itself in a poor blood supply to the organs. This is the reason why hypertension can cause erectile dysfunction.

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