36 hours of erection: this is “the weekend pill”

Most people would already be happy if all their sex lasted 36 minutes. This English couple has tried Cialis , one of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction . This medication is easy to take and is highly effective, since it gives the person who takes it about 36 hours of erection 시알리스 구입.

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder, which considerably affects the quality of life of men who suffer from it. Its prevalence varies considerably, but it is known to range between 10 and 52%, especially in men between 40 and 70 years of age . With an incidence of 30 new cases per 1,000 inhabitants per year.
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How your big toe can alert you to problems with your erection 시알리스 구입
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Leo Gardiner and Saffron Smith have tested this ” weekend pill ” that helps men prolong sex with their partner. “When I saw her for the first time, I was standing in line to buy an ice cream on a Barcelona beach. I was on vacation and I fell in love with her long blonde hair. A couple of days later we met at a concert in Benicàssim, so I thought it was destiny,” says the young man 시알리스 구입.

“We got along very well and I had the feeling that we both knew that we were going to spend the night together . I wanted to impress her, so my friend offered me this pill that he had bought online and I took the opportunity ,” he explains to ‘The Sun’.

Leo claims he was not prepared for what happened. “I was so wild I was like a raging bull. I couldn’t control myself and was overly excited , like possessed . We went to the hotel room and had so much sex that we lost count. I have a feeling she was a little taken aback at the time.” time flattered by my passion. In the end, though, after staying in bed for 24 hours, she was exhausted and I still wanted more ,” she says.

It is very important to be able to differentiate the loss of an erection in a timely manner with the consistent and sustained inability to achieve it.

This drug is made up of tadalafil , an analog of sildenafil ( Viagra ). The most significant difference between one and the other is that the first one begins to act within the first 30 minutes and continues to be effective for 36 hours , while the second only remains active for approximately 4 hours.

This inhibitor is responsible for dilating the blood vessels so that the flow increases and the arteries of the penis and the smooth muscle of the cavernous body relax. To obtain it , a prescription is still necessary , although there is a black market (there are online pharmacies that distribute it) that has caused many young people to use it for purposes that are not exactly indicated.
Side effects

“The feeling was incredible but its effects lasted a day and a half. My whole body ached ,” Leo explains. It is not about Juanola pills, but about a drug that, if not consumed under medical control, can have a series of side effects (especially heart attacks) that the population should be aware of. It is not only consumed by people over 60, but also by many young people on weekends.

The generic version of Cialis has not yet been approved for sale in the European Union. In Spain alone, the number of prescription drugs obtained illegally or improperly can exceed 1,500 million euros a year , according to estimates. A number that represents 14.3% of the total of the European black market, which is why it generates a submerged economy of great dimensions.

Tadalafil has been used in approximately 15,000 men participating in clinical trials, and more than 8 million men worldwide. Use of this medication may cause headaches, indigestion, back and muscle pain, flushing, stuffy or runny nose.

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