Where to bet on sports online?

The online sports betting market has one peculiarity – it is rather difficult to regulate by the state, since bookmakers here exist in the format of web resources that can physically be located outside the country where the main part of the bookmaker’s clientele is located. Initially, in order to have the formal right to accept bets online on 토토사이트 the Internet, the bookmaker needed only a license obtained in one of the offshore zones – in Malta, Curacao, the Isle of Man, Costa Rica or Gibraltar. That is why bookmakers operating in the global online betting market under such licenses are called offshore.

In order to take control of the interaction of online bookmakers with their citizens, states have taken turns creating a regulatory framework for the legal operation of their own online betting market, while at the same time setting strict limits for those offshore bookmakers. In 2016, such conditions were created in the Russian online betting market, after which it was divided into legal and offshore 토토사이트 .

As soon as the state created a scheme for legal work on accepting interactive bets on the territory of the Russian Federation, offshore bookmakers, as well as resources advertising them, began to be mercilessly blocked by Roskomnadzor, which significantly accelerated the process of transition of Russia’s leading betting brands to the legal field of activity. Residents of the Russian Federation still have the technical ability to play in offshore betting shops, but for this they have to bypass the blocking of Roskomnadzor and contact, at their own peril and risk, online bookmakers, whose activities in the Russian Federation have been illegal for some time now 토토사이트 .

Advantages and disadvantages of offshore bookmakers

When deciding where to place online sports betting, you need to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of offshore and legal bookmakers. Offshore bookmakers, unlike legal ones, offer on their websites not only sports betting, but also almost the entire range of services in the field of gambling – their offshore licenses are universal and have many applications that also allow you to play poker, bingo, mini-games, casinos , lotteries and other types of gambling entertainment. On the one hand, this is an advantage (a variety of services), but on the other hand, it is a disadvantage, since the sites of such bookmakers are slow and navigation through them is complicated.

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