The only valuable casino guide.

There are lots of guides to various casino sites online. What sets this site apart from all these others? The difference is that here the sites have not paid for advertising space or the like and no cooperation between me or any casino site affects what is written here. However, I can mention that I will primarily write about sites that I actually like to play on myself. Which means that the casinos I write about are ones that I play at myself and that I can recommend others to play at with a clear conscience 온라인카지노.

This will not only be a guide to casino sites but also casino games we will go through here. There are, as you know, several hundred different slots to get lost in and my goal is to sort out some of the ambiguities that may occur 온라인카지노.

In short, here it will be talk about casino, more casino and finally a little to casino as the icing on the cake. I, and many with me, love to play casino games. Talking about, reading about and discussing casino games is really fun for those who are interested. Just like dog people talk about dogs falling in the block or that sports cyclists talk about cycling and so on. Casino players talk about casino. Thats how it is. That’s why I decided to create this page. Unfortunately, almost all sites that talk about casinos today are affiliate sites of some kind that make money from recommending casinos and the like. Which of course means that you can not with 100% certainty know that what they write is true and not something they write to attract customers to the sites. My goal is, as already mentioned, to be as correct and truthful as possible and not to recommend sites that I do not trust and that I do not play on myself 온라인카지노.

In that way, it feels like this will be the only valuable casino guide on the internet. The One Casino Guide!

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