Sports betting from scratch – tips for beginners

How to bet on sports correctly: choosing a bookmaker, registration and identification

If you choose any one bookmaker, stop at This is our choice 토토사이트. is a legal bookmaker with thousands of betting events every day. At the same time, the rates are very diverse – 500 or more options per 토토사이트 match. The odds are favorable. Payment methods throughout the Russian market are approximately the same, but the quality of applications is different – and here Olymp is also at its best.

There are two bonuses for new customers at once. Firstly, you will receive a free bet of 500 rubles after registration , even before depositing money. Secondly, each new client receives a bonus of up to 10,000 rubles for the first account replenishment . Click on any link, you will receive two bonuses at once – no matter how you register 토토사이트!
How to register with a bookmaker

To register with a bookmaker, go to the bookmaker’s website and fill in the phone number and email address in the “Registration” form. Confirm the number with a code from SMS. Everyone, you are registered! You have a game account. But in order to place bets, you need to go through personal identification 토토사이트.

How to pass identification in a bookmaker

Identity verification or identification is a requirement of Russian law. It is needed to convince the bookmaker that you are 18 years old: only adults can bet. In addition, offices allow only one account per person.

You will be prompted to identify yourself immediately after registration. You can do this without leaving your home! Just upload passport photos: the first page and with a residence permit. Russian legal companies are responsible for the safety of your personal data, so there is nothing to worry about. Within half an hour or at a time convenient for you, an employee of the betting company will call via video link and conduct online identification. During the conversation, you will also need to present your passport.
How to bet on sports online

You can place bets on the Internet on the official website of the betting company or in a mobile application. For example, BC Olimp has a mobile application for Android and iOS . Everything is presented in the application: betting before and during the match, results, event search, video broadcasts, betting history and chat with the support service.

Right in the application you can register and pass identification. After that, you will receive a freebet for 500 rubles, just like after registering through the site, and immediately after the first deposit, you will receive a bonus up to 10,000 rubles to a new client .
Top tips for beginners in sports betting

All formalities completed, congratulations! And the account is topped up. The most interesting thing left is to make the first bet. Here are some tips to help every beginner avoid the most common mistakes when starting a betting game.

  1. Decide on a betting bank. Choose the amount you are willing to risk and stay within that limit. The bank can be determined for a month. The amount should be such that its loss does not create problems for you. It is absolutely impossible to bet the last money or bank savings!
  2. Don’t bet on everything. Try to analyze each event selected for a bet. Loading up for luck over and over again is a good way to quickly lose your entire bank. Be smart about your bets.
  3. Listen to sports predictions from experts, but make your own choices. Top experts usually understand what they give forecasts. But blindly copying their predictions is not necessary. Everyone is wrong. Compare different opinions about the same match – and choose for yourself.
  4. Don’t try to win back. If the bet did not play, you do not need to win back immediately. Pause. Then continue to play with the same amounts as you played before. Attempts to immediately win back will inevitably lead to the loss of the bank, because they are associated with increased rates and emotions.

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