Medications that can lead to weak erections

Antihypertensive drugs (drugs used to treat blood pressure)
Antiandrogens (drugs used to treat prostate cancer)
Antidepressants (medicines for depression)
Sedatives (drugs that cause drowsiness)
Ulcer medications
Antihistamines (cold and allergy medicines)
Appetite suppressants

The following types of addiction can also lead to erectile dysfunction:

Excessive alcohol consumption
Recreational drug use

Count how many of these factors are negatively affecting your blood flow and erection right now 시알리스 구입.

Psychological problems and emotional upheavals can also cause weak erections. A person may not feel sexually aroused due to problems such as: 1) Fear of sexual failure 2) Anxiety 3) Depression 4) Relationship problems such as misunderstandings, lack of communication or conflicts 5) Low self-esteem 6) Stress (occupational stress, financial stress, stress associated with sexual activity) Psychologists and psychotherapists successfully work with these issues 시알리스 구입.

Menshchikov Konstantin Anatolievich. Urologist, andrologist, genital surgeon
How to treat a weak erection 시알리스 구입

Erectile dysfunction is treated by a urologist or andrologist. At the consultation, the doctor asks questions that are aimed at clarifying the nature and causes of erection problems. He will examine the penis and testicles to rule out or confirm visible injuries and check the nerves of the penis for sensation.

Treatment directly depends on the causes. Each treatment comes with certain risks and benefits, which the doctor will explain.

To make a correct diagnosis, expert diagnostics (equipment, methods, examination algorithms) is required. With us you can undergo a complete examination and clearly understand the cause of a weak erection. Read more about our unique diagnostics for ED.
Various treatment options include:

Medicines (tablets). Medications that cause strong erections successfully treat erectile dysfunction in most men. These drugs cause blood flow to the penis. Examples of drugs for weak erections:


If a man is diagnosed with heart disease or suffers from frequent drops in blood pressure, then most likely such drugs are contraindicated for him. Therefore, if you suffer from these health problems, please consult your doctor before taking these drugs.

Other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction include

Alprostadil injection (shots)
Alprostadil urethral suppository (injected into the urethra)
Testosterone replacement therapy (if indicated)

Vacuum pumps. These are vacuum erection devices with hollow tubes that fit over the penis to suck in the air inside the tube. This mechanical action increases the blood flow in the penis and causes a strong erection during sex.

Exercise: Moderate or vigorous cardio can help improve erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor to find out which exercises are best for a particular person.
Psychological consultation with weak erection

If psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression are the cause of weak erections, see a psychotherapist, counselor, or sexual therapist with your partner. There are effective techniques that help get rid of psychological problems.

Menshchikov Konstantin Anatolievich. Urologist, andrologist, genital surgeon

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