Live casino

Live casino is a fairly new concept and it is a confusing concept. Live casino when you play online means that you play online against someone who is in a live environment. Live casino is available for roulette, baccarat and blackjack. So you play with the help of graphics that the dealer in turn has the technology to interpret. I actually do not know what it looks like on the dealer’s page but it’s probably just a screen to read from 라이브카지노.

Live casino has become very popular because you can interact with dealers just as if you were actually standing next to them for real. The dealer will always welcome you and answer you if you ask. You will also be congratulated if you win. It’s a different gaming experience. Of course, it is a little slower to play in the live casino compared to the online variant. These are people you are dealing with and it is very possible that the dealer makes a mistake just like for real 라이브카지노.

Talk to the dealer

The best thing about live casino is that you can have a conversation with the dealer if you play blackjack, or with the croupier if you play roulette. It’s the same as sitting at Aria casino and playing. It is a bit so and so with English to be added as most people who work as live casino dealers do not have English as a mother tongue. But they still work well with communication, you have to admit everything 라이브카지노.
Talk to others

There is usually a chat box where you can see what you write to the dealer. In the same box you will also see what others are writing to the dealer. You can sometimes even write to other players. This is a fun element of the live casino. Sometimes it can be a little strange conversations and then it is just to turn off the chat or individual players who bother you.

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