impotence treatment

Erectile dysfunction is understood as a disorder of sexual life due to insufficient erection (erection dysfunction). Erectile dysfunction is recognized as equivalent to the term “impotence” 시알리스 구입.

Most men believe that impotence is an incurable disease, and resign themselves to their illness. And in vain. Currently, the achievements of medical science allow the use of new, highly effective, proven methods of treating impotence (erectile dysfunction).

For a long time it was believed that the main causes of impotence are psychogenic disorders or lack of testosterone. But studies of recent decades have shown that the most common cause of impotence are organic changes in the mechanism of erection 시알리스 구입.

Violation of ejaculation and decreased libido are not impotence.
How common is erectile dysfunction in men?

Percentage of men with some form of mild erectile dysfunction (by age):

up to 20 years - 5%;
20-30 years - from 10 to 30%;
30-40 years - from 30 to 40%;
40-50 years - from 40 to 50%;
50-60 years - from 50 to 60%;
60 years and older - from 60 to 80%.

The word “impotence” scares every man, but it is not always incurable. Let us consider in more detail the causes, methods of treatment and common myths about this problem 시알리스 구입.
Impotence – is it forever?

Even in the most difficult cases, modern medical methods help patients regain male power and regain a normal sex life. Age does not matter: even at 60 or later, you can live a full life if you use an individually selected set of drugs and follow the doctor’s prescriptions.

It is far from always necessary to buy expensive drugs to enhance potency: in most cases, it is necessary to eliminate the original cause of the problem. Only a doctor can choose the right method of treatment, self-treatment can lead to negative consequences.
Impotence: what does it mean?

Impotence refers to all types of sexual impotence. A man becomes unable to perform a full-fledged sexual intercourse, as a result of satisfaction both partners cannot receive. However, we are not talking about single “misfires” of a man in bed – they happen to everyone and most often do not speak of pathology at all. It is necessary to seek medical help if failures occur in more than 25% of cases. This condition is not always associated with age: in the modern world, problems with erection are much “younger”. This happened due to a whole range of factors. In any case, only a specialist can choose an effective type of assistance.
Types of dysfunctions

complete lack of erection;
intermittent erection (soft penis during sex);

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